Tableau Online Training

Tableau has changed the pace of the business intelligence world through visualization. Keylabs Training is offering Tableau Online Training for candidates who want to change their career with Tableau. Our professional trainers ought to offer quality training to our candidates using the experience they have with the platform. The course structure of Tableau Online Training is developed by our experts with the latest version of Tableau used in the industry. The course has always been to high standards and meets the industry requirements. Candidates completing Tableau Online Training with Keylabs will architect, develop and manage advanced analytics, reports, dashboards and other solutions of business intelligence in various organizations globally.
What is Tableau:
Tableau is revolutionary data visualization tool which is used to connect data sources and transforms the data from them into interactive visualizations. These are called dashboards. It offers an ease of access with its drag-and-drop interface. Whether it a data warehouse or an excel document, Tableau can access any type of data source for visualization. Tableau can visualize data in seconds which usually takes months to do it.

Tableau Training New Batch Start Dates

Tableau Training Hyderabad  
27th June 10:00AM

Tableau Training Bangalore  
23rd June 8:00AM

Tableau Online Training : 26th June