Sybase Online Training

Sybase Training Course Content:

Introduction to Sybase

•    Host versus Client/Server Systems
•    Sybase Introduction
•    SQL Server, Data Replication, and Open Architecture
•    System Management Tools and Servers

Using SQL Server

•    SQL Server Overview
•    SQL Server Functions
•    SQL Server Features
•    T-SQL and Database Integrity
•    Triggers, Partitions, and Security
•    Using isql and Performing Queries
•    Viewing, Managing, and Creating Tables
•    Maintaining Databases

System Administration

•    The Role of a System Administrator
•    Using System Procedures
•    Creating and Dropping Database Devices
•    Creating and Altering Databases
•    Managing Segments

User Administration

•    Managing Server Logins
•    Managing User Access and Aliases
•    Managing Groups
•    Assigning and Managing Roles
•    Granting Permissions
•    Revoking and Modifying Permissions

Programming with T-SQL

•    Using T-SQL and isql
•    Managing Tables
•    Defining Integrity Constraints
•    Creating Integrity Defaults and Rules
•    Using Views
•    Managing Indexes

Querying Databases with T-SQL

•    Introduction to Queries
•    Using Functions in Queries
•    Manipulating Query Data
•    Ordering and Grouping Query Results
•    Combining Queries and View Queries

T-SQL Commands

•    Join Queries
•    Subqueries
•    Other Subquery Types
•    Inserting Data
•    Deleting and Modifying Data