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SAP BASIS Training is available in both online and class room training at customer location.

SAP BASIS Training Schedule

SAP BASIS Netweaver Online Training Schedule:

SAP Basis Training  Course is starting in every week.
Below is the nearest course schedule:

Online SAP BASIS Training: 15th , 22nd, 29th of every month

  (New batches every 15 days once)

SAP Basis Online training  weekend Training : 9th march 2013

To provide SAP BASIS Training for UK timings, we are also starting Batch in the IST evening timings.

SAP BASIS Netweaver Class room Training in Hyderabad New Batch:

SAP Basis Class room Training in Hyderabad: 
every 15 days

SAP Netweaver  Admin Training  in Hyderabad:
every 15 days

Contact our Hyderabad office for SAP BASIS Training in Hyderabad : +91-9550645679, 

SAP BASIS Netweaver Class room Training in Bangalore:
SAP Basis Training in Bangalore . every 45 days, 8:30 AM (Bangalore: +91-8861770545)

We are also offering Weekend Basis batch

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SAP BASIS Training Course Content

Introduction SAP: Handling the End User Problems:
   Basis  Roles & Responsibilities   Work Process  Monitoring
   Advantages of SAP & Advantages of Net weaver   Back ground Job scheduling & administration.
      Daily system Monitoring & Updating
R/3 Architecture:   Logon Load Balancing to dynamically to load 
  Presentation Layer, Application Layer,    between the systems
  Database layer   Profile management to configure Memory , 
  SAP R/3 architecture in detail.   CPU, Buffer process

  Operation Modes to Dynamically Switch 
The System Central Interfaces:   between the processes.
    Dispatcher Process
    Work Process Architecture Client Administration:
   Services : Work Process Types (Dialog,    Client Creation & Deletion
   Background, Spool, Enqueue, Update,    Client Copies (Local, Remote, Export 
   Message&Gateway Servers)     & Import)

  Troubleshooting client copies
Installation of SAP, Post Installation Activities:
  Applying Sap License The Change and Transport System:
  STMS Configuration between Landscapes.   SAP DATA types.
  Creating RFC Connections   Change request creations.
  Import the profiles into SAP level.   Configuration of Transport Domain.
  Other post installation activities.   Distributing and verifying TMS Configuration 

  between systems.
DATABASE   Creating the Transport Layer, Transport

  Routes, and Transport Groups.
  Oracle Architecture   Import transport request to between systems
  Connectivity Mechanism of work process to 
  Database Support packs & Enhancement packages, 
  Starting & Stopping Database  add-ons, plug-in Support patches, Add-ons, 
  Working on Database Parameters   and Enhancement upgrade procedure.
  Configure Listener services
  Table space Administration (Table spaces,  PERFORMANCE TUNING (SAP Basis training)
  Data files extending and segments)
  BR Tools administration   Introduction to workload analysis
  Configuring the database backup   Performance analysis monitors
   (Offline/Online)   R/3 memory management
  Configuring the Re-do log Backup
  Monitoring The Database growth for capacity 
  planning SAP Printing system
  Monitoring Database logs related to 
  schedule job.   SAP Spool system Architecture

  Introduction to SAP Access Methods
SAP SECURITY   Defining R/3 Printer Devices
  Single user administration   Managing spool Requests
  Mass User administration   The SAPLPD Driver Program
  LSMW Script running   TEMSE object Database
  Central User administration(CUA)
  Role Administration and authorizations 
  Missing authorization.


With the SAP Basis training/SAP basis training online , we are providing

1. SAP Basis customised material 
2. SAP Basis interview questions
3.SAP Basis exam  sample questions
4. we are also providing Job support for the overseas students, it will help you to sustain or perform well in the job.
All the best you to start your career as SAP Basis administrator.

FAQS(SAP basis training : hyderabad ,bangalore /sap basis online training )
SAP Basis : Frequently asked questions:
1. what is SAP basis (about SAP Basis) ?
2. who can learn SAP Basis ?
3. what are prerequisites to learn SAP Basis ?
4. what are the responsibilities of SAP Basis administrator ?
5. how is the job openings for SAP Basis
6. Do I need to learn SAP Netweaver administration (advanced Basis )
7. How is Keylabs different from other inistitutes
1. what is SAP basis (about SAP Basis) ?

SAP BASIS  Component is a unique layer in the SAP architecture. The BASIS component acts as a bridge between the computing infrastructure i.e. operating system, database, network architecture and the various modules in SAP such as FICO, MM, SD, PP, PS, QM etc.

Basis is a business application software integrated solution. Simply, Basis is the administration of the SAP system. SAP Basis administrator will take care of the administration of the various SAP products

Like ECC, CRM, SRM, SCM, BI.PI, EP, Solution manager  etc…


 Keylabs is best SAP Basis training inistitues  in bangalore and hyderabad


2.  who can learn SAP Basis (SAP Basis training )?

-Any graduate can learn SAP basis directly, if computers is part of their studies it is well and good.

-students from computers/ Engineering any branch/MCA  are very much fit to learn SAP Basis.

-.If somebody studied at least one computers subject as part of their studies or did some computer courses From outside institutes also fine.

-People who did system administration (windows/Unix/Linux) / DBA courses are best suitable, but these courses are not mandatory prerequisites

-For working professionals: Developers/administrators/ DBAs/Testers/BPO/ITIL/call center guys/anybody not interested in programming , who want to upgrade/ change their career path.

SAP Basis Team:Keylabs. All the Best for your SAP Basis training . 

 Keylabs is best SAP Basis training inistitue in Bangalore and Hyderabad


3. what are prerequisites to learn SAP Basis ?


Hi, I have mentioned some prerequisites for SAP Basis course(training/tutorial).

Basic opearating system knowledge, basic unix commands,
Basic database knowledge like DBMS or sql commands.


windows admin /linux admin /database administration courses are Best
for anybody before taking SAP Basis course: but not Mandatory.


I recommend all future IT aspirants to get good command on at least one object oriented programming language (preferably c++ or Java),one database
preferably Oracle, and atleast one opearating system (windows 2003/
linux /unix).


 Keylabs is best SAP Basis training inistitue in Bangalore and Hyderabad,


3. what are responsibilities of SAP Basis administrator ?


 SAP system health check (Monitoring the servers), Analyzing ABAP dumps, Performance tuning, Installations, Configurations, Background jobs administration and Database administration. 

"All SAP online and Corporate trainings will be provided to SAP authorized customers and SAP partners only"