SAN Net Apps Training

Netapp Storage (NAS & SAN) Administration

Netapp is pure vendor manufacturing mid range and high end NAS, SAN Storage hardware boxes for enterprise IT Infrastructure. Storage plays key role in IT Infrastructure,cloud, act as basic element of any infrastructure. Apart from Netapp there are other vendors like EMC, HP, Hitachi, IBM Storage etc. Netapp is hotcake in market.

What is SAN?

A Storage area network, or SAN, is a high-speed network of storage devices that also connects those storage devices with servers. It provides block-level storage that can be accessed by the applications running on any networked servers.

·         SAN is emerging area and basic part of any company Infrastructure/Cloud. Any company infrastructure needs storage to accommodate their requirement and DB, Apps, OS, all other infrastructure. All this storage is allocated from Storage Devices through network which is familiar as SAN.

·         SAN is general term represents Technology. There are multiple vendors who manufacture storage devices (NAS/SAN/Unified Storage) like Netapp, EMC, Hitachi, HP, IBM etc.

What is Scope of Storage in Infrastructure?

  • Storage is basic critical element of any company infrastructure. Servers days gone and now everything is virtualized and high critical environment related hardware coming into market. SAN/NAS playing key role in Infrastructure environment like Cloud Computing, Infrastructure as Services etc.
  • Those who build their career on SAN can learn multiple vendor Storages so that their profile will more paid by corporate companies.
  • Those who learn Netapp can also learn VMware, backup, EMC Storage, Hitachi Storage etc.

What we offering?

  • Keylabs offering complete Netapp Storage course start to end which is industry readiness program for those who looking to render their career into Infrastructure services (IT IS).

How our course is different from other course?

To survive in industry not only Technical skills important, but also Process Skill, Management Skill matters. Keylabs Training offering Netapp Storage from start to end which cover all topics

·         Technical Discussions on most important issues in real time production.

·         Explaining basic storage related concepts from windows/Linux/VMware point of view.

·         Process oriented discussions and explanations like Huge Allocations/change management, service management.

·         Complete discussion on Technical discussion to be followed during Priority calls/Change/migrations.

·         Cluster Mode basics at the end of the course.

·         SnapManager/SnapDrive/SnapCreator frameworks (add on advantage with course)

·         DR replications, Troubleshooting performance issues, Migrations.

·         New storage devices setup and overview of options.

·         Best hardware demonstration with visual pictures of Data Center and Storage Devices.

·         We will configure complete LAB environment in Students laptop and they can practice once course is completed. Those who don’t          have laptops, we offer LAB in our institute.

·         Guidance on Interview skills and resume building.

Material and courseware will be provided along with Lab guides.

Who can attend this course ?
  • Anyone who is willing to take career in IT Infrastructure and also interested to work on multiple platforms in future.
  • Anyone who want to build career in IT infrastructure with cross platform skills like Linux, VMware, Cloud etc.

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