Selenium Online Training:

Selenium is a revolutionary technology and is used widely across the world. At Keylabs Training, we enable candidates to choose Selenium as their career option through our Selenium Online Training. We have a team of qualified Selenium experts to offer quality training to our candidates. Our training staff has utilized their teaching experience at Keylabs to develop Selenium Online Training course structure with the latest available technology updates. Our experts will ensure that the course meets the industry standards. After finishing Selenium Online
Training, Candidates will gain expertise in Selenium and will be able to perform automation, regression and installation testing; develop and run Selenium automation scripts and more.

What is Selenium?
Selenium is a test automation framework used to test web applications such as browsers. It consists of different types of software tools to perform automated testing in different methods. These tools include Selenium Webdriver, IDE, Remote Control (RC), and more. It supports testing on multiple web browsers and on multiple OS platforms including Windows, Linux and more platforms.