Jmeter Course Content

Basic level

Introduction to Jmeter:
  •  What is jmeter
  •  Why jmeter
  •  Architecture of jmeter
Installation of Jmeter
  • Install java and configuring classpath
  • Download and installation of  jmeter
  • Feautures of Jmeter
  • Overview of Jmeter test elements
  • Linux terminology and Using jmeter in Linux
Jmeter Launching modes
  •  GUI , Server, Non- GUI modes
Hands on with Jmeter GUI
  •  Test plan
  •  Workbench
  •  Thread groups and simulating real users using thread groups
  •  Adding, Removing Elements to jmeter GUI
  •  Saving node andscreen as image
  •  Loading, saving and merging the elements
  •  Merging the Testplans
  •  Running and stopping the testplan
  •  Jmeter log file 
  •  Building a web Test Testplan

Working with HTTP proxy server
  • Using HTTP proxy server
  • Configuring the browser to record test script
  • Recording steps of a website
  • Configuring  Mozilla Firefox, chrome, Internet Explorer
Intermediate Level
  •  Parameterization (Multiple sets of data)
  •  Test data preparation (Configuration Elements)
  •  Correlation (Handling Dynamic server response)
  •  Different Samplers in jmeter
  •  Different Logicalcontrollers in Jmeter
  •  Different Timers in Jmeter
  •  Different Listeners in Jmeter
  •  Different Assertions in Jmeter
  •  Building an Advanced web Test plan
  •  Web Services Testing with JMeter
  •  Database Testing with JMeter 
  •  Building a FTP Test plan
  •  Troubleshooting Apache Jmeter script
  •  Jmeter in Functional mode
  •  Test modeling (Execution)
  •  Command line execution
  •  Jmeter Functions (Eg:- __threadnum, __Random)

Analyzing and Interpreting Load Test Result :
  •  Statistics available from JMeter
  •  Sample, Average, Median, Deviation, Throughput, Percentiles
  •  Response time graphs
  •  Interpreting statistical results
  •  Finding the bottlenecks
Advanced level
  •  Distributed testing
  •  Remote testing
  •  Continuous Integration with Jenkins/hudson
  •  Cross-browser Testing
  •  IP spoofing
  •  Denial of service Attack
  •  JMeter Plugins
  •  JAnalyser
  •  Selenium-jmeter integration
  •  Driving jmeter tests with Maven
  •  Introduction to cloud services
  •  Blazemeter 
  •  Monitoring and analyzing hardware resources (perfmon, Jconsole)
  •  Performance Tuning
  •  Tips and Best practices