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ETL Testing Online Training

ETL Testing Online Training

ETL Testing Online Training by Keylabstraining is a well defined course and trained by our Well Qualified Testing Professionals all over the World. Our course content designed as per the current IT industry requirement.

What is ETL Testing?
ETL basically stands for Extract Transform Load - which simply implies the process where you extract data from Source Tables, transform them in to the desired format based on certain rules and finally load them onto Target tables. There are numerous tools that help you with ETL process - Informatica, Control-M being a few notable ones.
Key Features of ETL Testing Online Training:
  •  Quality training
  •  24/7 support for our customers
  •  Customized class timings
  •  Lowest price in the market
  •  Classes driven by realtime experts who have teaching experience.
  •  Interview Assistance(FAQ's Sample resumes)
  •  Customized materials(Manuals, Documents, Presentations and suggested resources)
  •  Job placement assistance 
  •  Certification guidelines