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Oracle SOA Admin Online Training

Oracle SOA Admin Course Content

1. Oracle SOA Suite11g: Administration


·         Goals

·         Class Introductions

·          Audience

·         Prerequisites

·         Course Objectives

·          Course Map

·          Course Schedule

·         Course Environment

·         How Can I Learn More?


2. Introductions to SOA & Oracle SOA Suite 11g


·          Objectives

·          Implementing an SOA Strategy

·         Where Do We Start?

·          Getting Started

·          Service Oriented Architecture (SOA)

·          Summarizing SOA

·          Why Is an SOA Approach Required?

·          Integrating Distributed Components

·          SOA and Services

·          Applications Comprised of Services

·          Web Services Overview

·          WSDL Document

·          Composite Applications and SOA

·          Summarizing Composite Applications

·          Service Component Architecture (SCA)

·          Elements of a Service Component Architecture (SCA)

·          Assembly Model as a Blueprint

·          Introducing Service Component Architecture (SCA) in Oracle SOA Suite11g

·          Oracle SOA Suite11g Components

·          Oracle Fusion Middleware and Oracle SOA Suite

·          Oracle SOA Suite11g Architecture

·          Oracle SOA Suite11g Components

·          Adapter Services

·          Routing and Filtering with Mediator Components

·          Orchestrating Services with BPEL Components

·          Implementing Business Rules Components

·          Implementing Workflow with Human Task Components

·          Monitoring Services with Oracle BAM

·          Relationship of SOA Suite, BPM Suite, and Web Logic Server

·          Web Logic Server Domain

·          Oracle SOA Suite11g Platform

·          Oracle SOA Suite Management Tools

·         Oracle Enterprise Manager Fusion Middleware Control


3. Installing Oracle SOA Suite 11g


·         Objectives

·          Installing SOA and BPM

·          Before Installation

·          SOA Deployment Topology

·          Supported Software Platforms

·          System Requirements

·          Preparing the Installation

·         Checking and Configuring the Database

·         Checking Web Logic Server

·         Repository Creation Utility (RCU) Overview

·          RCU Requirements

·          Creating Schemas with RCU

·          Specifying a Schema Prefix and Selecting Components

·          Specifying the Passwords For Schema Owners

·          Mapping Table spaces

·          Installing Oracle SOA Suite 11g.... (PS1)

·          Specifying Installation Location

·          Installing Oracle SOA Suite 11g.... (PS2)

·          Post installation Directory Structure

·          Installation Log Files

·          Creating a Domain

·         Selecting Domain Source

·          Configuring JDBC Component Schema

·          Customizing Advanced Configuration

·          Configuring the Managed Servers

·          Creating Machines

·          Assigning Servers to Machines

·          Post configuration Directory Structure

·          Starting Servers

·         Setting Environment Variables

·          Configuration Log Files

·          Extending a Domain

·          Managing with Oracle Enterprise Manager Fusion Middleware Control

·          Getting Started With Oracle Fusion Middleware Control Console

·          Examining the SOA Infrastructure Home Page

·          Examining the SOA Infrastructure Menu

·          Accessing Web Logic Server Administration Console

·          Overview of Web Logic Server Administration Console

·         Accessing Other Administrator Tools: System M Bean Browser

·          Accessing Other Administrator Tools: Web Logic Scripting Tool (WLST)

·          Basics of WLST

·          Using SOA Suite Custom WLST

·          Course Environment

·         Summary


4. Deploying and Managing SOA Composite Applications


·         Objectives

·         Roles and Tasks in Composite Applications Management

·          Composite Applications

·          SCA Components in Oracle SOA Suite 11g

·          Packaging Composite Application

·          Exploring the SOA Archive and SOA Bundle

·          Deploying a Composite Application

·          Partitioning of the SOA Infrastructure

·          Creating a Partition

·          Deploying with Oracle Enterprise Manager

·          Deploying an SOA Archive: Select Archive

·          Deploying an SOA Archive: Select Target

·          Understanding Composite Application Instances

·          Testing a Composite Application

·          Initiating a Test in Enterprise Manager

·          Preparing the Request Data for a Test

·          Tracking Message Flow

·          Working with the Flow Trace

·          Working with a Component Audit Trail Page

·          Accessing Logs and Other Settings

·          SOA Composite Applications Versioning

·          Deployment Versus Redeployment

·          Redeploying a Composite Application with Enterprise Manager

·          Underplaying with Enterprise Manager

·          Managing Composite Application State

·          Deploying SOA Applications with WLST Utility

·          Managing SOA Applications with WLST Utility

·          Managing SOA Applications with Ant Scripts

·          Customizing SOA Composite Applications for the Target Environment

·          Overview of Configuration Plans

·          Creating a Configuration Plan with WLST

·          Modifying a Configuration Plan

·          Summary



5.Administering the SOA Infrastructure


·          Objectives

·         SOA Composite Application Runtime

·          Introducing SOA Infrastructure

·          SOA Infrastructure Architecture

·         SOA Infrastructure Life Cycle

·          Understanding Service Engines

·          Understanding the Service Infrastructure

·         Understanding Binding Components

·          Reviewing the SOA Infrastructure Home Page

·          Configuring SOA Infrastructure Properties

·          Accessing the SOA Infrastructure Properties Page

·          Configuring the Common SOA Infrastructure Properties

·          Audit Level

·         Composite Instance State

·          Configuring the UDDI Registry Properties

·          Configuring Server URLs

·         Starting and Stopping the SOA Infrastructure

·         Configuring Log Files

·         Creating and Editing Log File Configurations

·         Monitoring the SOA Infrastructure

·         Monitoring SOA Infrastructure Recent Instances and Faults

·         Monitoring Processing Requests

·          Monitoring Service and Reference Binding Components

·         Monitoring Reference Binding Components

·         Summary