Oracle PL/SQL Online Training

Providing qualitative training is our motto at Keylabs Training. Our PL/SQL experts use their expertise on the platform to offer qualitative ORACLE PL/SQL Online Training to candidates. We designed our unique course structure to meet the latest IT standards. Candidates will be able to write triggers, cursors, advanced communications, packages, and stored procedures using PL/SQL after successful completion of ORACLE PL/SQL Online Training.

What is PL/SQL?

ORACLE PL/SQL is an acronym for Procedural Language / Structured Query Language. It is a blend of SQL and procedural elements of programming languages and is designed to address the limited access like single query environment in SQL. PL/SQL enables developers to define and execute procedural language syntax on databases including declaration of variables and their types, arrays, functions and more.  It also offers abstraction and modularity. Unlike some SQL versions that process client environment, PL/SQL resides on a database server.