Micro strategy Online Training

Microstrategy online Training is an online training programm regarding Microstartegy business intelligence tool learning and training. Microstrategy Online Training by Keylabs training is a well detailed course and prepared by our Well Qualified Professionals all over the World. The content of our course designed as per the current and updates IT industry requirement.

What is Microstrategy?

Microstategy s a business intelligence tool is a gift of IT through which business personnel can analysis their business plans easily using Microstategy reports. These Microstrategy online Training courses will teach you about the dashboard/ document creation, report creation and their dependents. Thisd course will also give you the opportunity to know more about ad hoc query, interactive dashboards, scorecards, thresholds and alerts, Microstrategy highly formatted reports, and automated report distribution.In  the Microstrategy online Training course,the  interfaces include web and desktop which are for for developers, and Microsoft Office assimilation. The Mobile BI is also supported by microstrategy.