loadrunner course content

  •     What is Loadrunner?
  •     Introduction:
  •     Objective:
  •     Terminology in LR( Ex: Vusers,Hits/sec,TPS and etc…)
  •     Types of testing(Ex: smoke,load,stress and etc…)
  •     Important HTTP Status Codes (100,200,300,400,500 series http   status codes)
  •     LR components.(Vugen,Controller,Analysis)
  •     Recording actions in VUGEN(Vuser_init(),Action(),Vuser_end());
  •     Recording Modes(HTML and URL).

            There are 2 recording modes.
    a)HTML Based
    b)URL Based
  •     Difference between HTML and URL Mode
  •     Runtime Settings:(Ex: Runlogic,pacing, thinktime, mislenous , preferences and etc…) (will be discussed in detail)
  •      Parameterization.(Various options are there like Sequential, Random and Unique and etc..,will be discussed in depth)
  •     Correlation.(It’s a very important topic and heart of the Loadrunner, will explain until student understand completely)
  •     Transaction Points
  •     Check Points:web_reg_find();

The above topics are very important,has to explain to students in depth. looks to be it is 5 or 6 lines concepts.But those are the heart of loadrunner.


Some Important Functions:

EX: Lr_eval_string(); Lr_save_string() ; lr_abort();lr_output_message(),lr_error_message();atoi()

itoa();strlen(),strcpy(),strcat(),strcmp(),web_get_int_property()   ;web_cache_cleanup(),web_cleanup_cookies()

Script continuation functions


instead of LR_EXIT_VUSER we can replace with

lr_exit_main_iteration_and_continue ,
lr_exit_vuser_after_iteration ,

File Pointers(Ex:fprintf)


  Types of Scenarios.

 There are 2 types of scenarios
  • ·Manual scenario
  • ·Goal oriented scenario
Scenario Schedule:
Schedule by scenario
Schedule by group

Rendzeous Point.


Controller--Load Generator

Auto collate Results

90th percentile




OS level Counters: (Memory,Harddisk,Processor and etc…)(will be discussed depth)

Application/server Level Counters: connection pooling,GC,memoryleak,servlets and etc…)

Database level Counters(Ex:Deadlocks,Sqlcompilations/sec,Full scans/secand etc...)