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Core Java online Training

1. Basics Of Java  

Java - What, Where and Why?
What is Java?
Where it is used?
Types of Java Applications
History of Java 
Java Version History
Features of Java
Java Editions
How to install JDK in Any Environment
How to set path of JDK
Difference between JDK,JRE and JVM

2. JVM (Java Virtual Machine)  

The JVM performs four main tasks
Internal Architecture of JVM

1. Steps To Develop Java Application  
Java program development, compilation and execution procedure
Creating hello java example
Understanding first java program

2. Resolving an exception "javac is not recognized as an internal or external command
In Single File Multiple Classes

3. Variables and Data types in Java   
Types of Variable
Data Types in Java
Unicode System
4. Operators in java  
Precedence of Operators
Useful programs in java

5. OOPs Concepts  
OOPs (Object Oriented Programming System)
Advantage of OOPs over Procedure-oriented programming language
Naming convention
object and class (Object-Oriented Programming)
Instance variable
new keyword
Method Overloading in Java
What is the difference between constructor and method ?
static keyword
this keyword
Inheritance (Object-Oriented Programming)
Aggregation in Java
Method Overriding in Java
Difference between method Overloading and Method Overriding
Covariant Return Type
super keyword
Instance initializer block
final keyword
Abstract class in Java
Runtime Polymorphism
Static Binding and Dynamic Binding
instanceof operator

6. Packages
Advantage of Package
Package class

7. Access Modifiers

8. Arrays in java  
Advantage of Array
Disadvantage of Array
Types of Array
Call by Value and Call by Reference in Java

9. strictfp keyword

10. Command Line Argument
11. Creating API Document | javadoc tool
12. Object class  
Methods of Object class
The clone() method (Object Cloning in Java)

13. String Handling  
How to create String object?
Immutable String
Why string objects are immutable in java?
String comparison
String Concatenation
Commonly used Methods of String class
StringBuffer class
Commonly used Constructors of StringBuffer class
Commonly used methods of StringBuffer class
StringBuilder class
Commonly used Constructors of StringBuilder class
Commonly used methods of StringBuilder class
How to create Immutable class?
About toString() method

14.  Exception Handling  
Exception Handling
Hierarchy of  Exception classes
Types of Exception
Five keywords used in Exception handling
Exception propagation
Difference between throw and throws
Custom Exception
15.  Nested Classes  
Syntax of Nested class
Advantage of nested classes
Types of Nested class
 static nested class
Member inner class
Nested Interface

16. Multithreading  
Multitasking can be achieved by two ways
What is Thread?
Life cycle of a Thread (Thread States)
Thread class
Runnable interface
The Thread Schedular
Naming a thread
Priority of a Thread (Thread Priority)
Daemon Thread
Shutdown Hook
Garbage Collection
Inter-thread communication (Cooperation)
Interrupting a Thread

17.  I/O  
First let us understand some basic terminology
Input and Output(I/O)
Types of Java Streams
OutputStream class
InputStream class
FileInputStream and FileOutputStream (File Handling)
ByteArrayOutputStream class
SequenceInputStream class
BufferedOutputStream class
FileWriter class
FileReader class
CharArrayWriter class
Reading data from keyboard
PrintStream class
File Class
Serialization with Inheritance
Externalizable interface
Serialization with Static datamember
The transient keyword

18.  Reflection API 
Where is it used? 
java.lang.Class class
How to get the object of Class class? 
Determining the class object
javap tool
Calling private method from outside the class 

19. Collection  
Collection framework
Hierarchy of Collection Framework
Cursor Interfaces
Collection interface
Map Hierarchy
Map interface

20. Internationalization  
ResourceBundle class

21. Java New Features
Assertion (Java 4)
For-each loop (Java 5) 
Varargs (Java 5)
Static Import (Java 5)
Autoboxing and Unboxing (Java 5)
Covariant Return Type (Java 5)
Generics (Java 5)
 Enum (Java 5)
Annotation (Java 5)
Instrumentation (premain method) (Java 6)
String in switch statement (Java 7)
Binary Literals (Java 7)
The try-with-resources (Java 7)
Caching Multiple Exceptions by single catch (Java 7)
Underscores in Numeric Literals (Java 7)
22. Jdbc Introduction
 JDBC Architecture
  5 Steps to connect to the database in java    
  Connectivity with Oracle
   Connectivity with MySQL
   DriverManager class
   Connection interface
   Statement interface
 ResultSet interface
 Storing image
 Retrieving image
 Storing file
 Retrieving file
Stored procedures and functions
Date and Time
Transaction Management
Batch Processing