Google Apps Online Training

Course Content:
Getting Started with Google Docs

Google Account: Your Passport to All Things Google
  • Signing up and Signing in
  • What Can I Do with a Google Account?
Managing Your Google Account
  • Changing Your Account Information
  • Adding and Launching Google Applications
Getting Familiar with the Google Docs Home Page
  • Organizing Your Documents
  • Finding a Document
iGoogle, You Google, Everybody Googles
  • What's an iGoogle Page?
  • Setting up iGoogle
  • Customizing Your Page
  • iGoogle and Google Docs
Starting Word Processing

Creating Your First Document
  • Naming the Document
  • Entering Text
  • Saving the Document
Introducing Formatting
  • Using the Formatting Toolbar
  • Using Keyboard Shortcuts
Printing a Document
  • Inserting Headers and Footers
  • Inserting Page Breaks
  • Checking Your Spelling
  • Choosing Your Print Settings
  • Exporting and Printing the Document
Deleting a Document

Formatting Documents

Formatting a Document

Working with Templates
  • Creating a New Document from a Template
  • Saving a Document as a Template
Importing and Exporting Documents
  • Importing Documents
  • Exporting a Document
Doing Research
  • Using a Dictionary, Thesaurus, or Encyclopedia
  • Searching the Web from Your Document
Working Offline
  • Downloading and Installing Gears
  • Activating Gears
  • Using Gears to Work Offline
  • Tweaking Your Offline Settings
Taking Your Docs to the Next Level: Lists, Tables, and Insertions
Working with Lists
  • Creating a List
  • Editing a List
Adding Tables to a Document
  • Creating a Table
  • Editing a Table
Inserting and Editing Images
  • Getting an Image into Your Document
  • Editing Images
  • Deleting an Image
Working with Hyperlinks and Bookmarks
  • Inserting a Hyperlink
  • Editing a Hyperlink
  • Inserting a Bookmark
  • Creating a Table of Contents
  • Editing a Table of Contents
Sharing and Collaborating on Documents
Sharing a Document
  • Step 1: Choose Sharers and Set Permissions
  • Step 2: Send an Optional Email Invitation
  • Receiving a Document-Sharing Notification
  • Changing a Document's Ownership
  • Emailing All Viewers/Collaborators
  • Removing Sharing
Other Ways to Share a Document
  • Emailing a Document
  • Publishing a Document on the Web
Collaborating on a Document
  • Collaboration and Offline Editing
  • Using Color-Coded Comments
Working with a Document's Revision History
  • Viewing Revisions
  • Comparing Versions
Introducing Spreadsheets
Spreadsheet Basics
  • What Is a Spreadsheet?
  • What Can a Cell Contain?
  • What Makes a Good Spreadsheet Design?
Creating Your First Google Docs Spreadsheet
  • Selecting Cells and Entering Data
  • Saving a Spreadsheet
Creating a New Spreadsheet from a Template

Formatting a Spreadsheet
  • Formatting Numbers
  • Formatting Dates and Times
  • Formatting Appearance
  • Creating Formatting Rules
  • Working with Multiple Sheets
Working with Data
  • Importing Data into Google Docs
  • Exporting Data from Google Docs
  • Exporting as an XLS or ODS File
  • Entering Data
  • Clearing Data
  • Working with Rows and Columns
  • Sorting Data
Printing and Deleting Spreadsheets
  • Printing a Spreadsheet
  • Deleting a Spreadsheet
Spreadsheets: Formulas and Charts
Working with Spreadsheet Formulas
  • What Is a Formula?
  • Creating Formulas: The Basics
  • Supercharging Your Formulas with Functions
Getting the Big Picture with Charts, Graphics, and Gadgets
  • Kinds of Charts
  • Creating a Chart
  • Editing a Chart
  • Putting an Image into Your Spreadsheet
  • Editing an Image
  • Google Docs Spreadsheets and Google Gadgets
  • Editing a Gadget
Sharing and Collaborating on Spreadsheets
Sharing Spreadsheets
  • Publishing a Spreadsheet on the Web
  • Embedding a Spreadsheet in Your Web Site or Blog
  • Inviting Others to Share a Spreadsheet
Collaborating on Spreadsheets
  • Working Simultaneously
  • Chatting as You Work
  • Commenting on a Spreadsheet
  • Receiving Notifications
Creating a Form to Gather Data
  • Creating a New Spreadsheet by Designing a Form
  • Creating a Form for an Existing Spreadsheet
  • Emailing a Form
  • Embedding a Form in a Web Page or Blog
  • Editing a Form
  • Editing a Form's Confirmation Message
  • Analyzing Form Data
  • Disabling or Deleting a Form
Working with a Spreadsheet's Revision History

Introducing Presentations
What's a Presentation?
  • Why Use Google Docs for Presentations?
  • Some Pointers for Designing a Presentation
Your First Presentation
  • Starting from Scratch
  • Naming Your Presentation
  • Getting an Existing Presentation into Google Docs
  • Adding a New Slide
  • Selecting a Slide and Inserting Text
  • Saving a Presentation
Giving Your Slides Pizzazz
  • Adding Some Style with a Theme
  • Giving Your Slides a Custom Background
  • Formatting Text
  • Adding Images, Shapes, and Videos
  • Moving and Resizing Elements
  • Arranging Elements on a Slide
  • Revealing Elements One by One
  • Deleting an Element
Working with Slides
  • Importing Slides
  • Copying a Slide
  • Moving a Slide
  • Adding Speaker Notes
  • Deleting a Slide
Working with Presentations
  • Previewing a Presentation
  • Exporting a Presentation
  • Printing a Presentation
  • Deleting a Presentation
The Main Event: Sharing and Viewing Presentations
Sharing a Presentation
Collaborating on a Presentation
Giving a Live Presentation
  • Starting the Show
  • During the Presentation
  • Ending a Presentation
Publishing a Presentation on the Web
  • Making a Presentation Public
  • Embedding a Presentation in Your Web Page or Blog
Working with Revisions