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Advanced Excel Online Training

Advanced Excel Online Training Course Content:


·         Introduction To Excel         

·         Difference between excel versions

·         Introduction: Organization of this Training Guide, Uses of Excel, New Functions and Features in Excel 2007

·         Getting Started with Excel: Opening a Blank or New Workbook,Savings, General Organization

·         Working with Data: Entering, Editing, Copy, Cut, Paste

·         Basic Excel Functions

·         Highlights and Main Functions: Home, Insert, Page Layout, Formulas              

·          Highlights and Main Functions: Data, Review, View, Add-Ins                

·         Using the Excel Help Function and Best web sites for reference                

·         charts and smartarts

·          Different Type Of File Formats(excel file covert into :pdf,txt,html,xps…)

·         page setup

·         Naming Of The Range

·          Filling the Series

·          Automatic saving the excel sheet

·          Shortcut for the Message

·          Custom List Creation and Importing

·          Office Button Features


2.     Reporting Genarating Options


·         Reporting Genarating Options


3.      Advanced Lessions


·         Advanced rmulafosFreezing the cells

·          Hide and Unhide the tool bars and sheets

·         Working with more sheets and books

·         Working with paste special

·          Paste Formatting

·         Number formatting

·         working with Templates(Uses & Creations

·         Using Add-ins and Downloading

·          Custom validations for data

·          different types of hyperlinks and object creation            



4.     Excel Basic Practice


·         End to End Practice with All the Topics

·          Practice on Caleculated Formulas

·         Indepth analysis on inbuilt functions

·         Advanced caleculations explanation

 Advanced Excel Online Training