Devops online training

We at Keylabs Providing Devops online training with highest standards. we have well experienced instructors to deliver Devops course.
Course covers in depth aspects of  development, cloud, Devops tool. Apart from training we provide live examples and present real time aspects, which will help participants to get best out of the course.

 Training schedule:

Devops training in Bangalore :  Next batch start date March 5th (only weekends)
Devops online training            :  

Every Monday evening 7.30 PM CST, Next class   18th April, 25th , 29th April.April .

Weekends:  Every Saturday Morning 8 AM CST, Next class 23rd April.

Devops online training course content:  


v Scripting:

        Ø  Shell scripting

        Ø  Fundamentals of Perl Programming

        Ø  Advanced Perl Programming

        Ø  Python programming

        Ø  Ruby on Rails

v Devops:

        Ø  Chef/Puppet for Configuration Management.

        Ø  Docker/Packer for Containerization

        Ø  Vagrant for Provisioning

        Ø  AWS for Cloud computing

        Ø  Jenkins for Automated Installation and Deployment.

        Ø  Nagios for Infra-Monitoring

        Ø  Rundeck for Deployment Automation

        Ø  Elasticsearch for storage & distributed search engine

        Ø  Kibana for data visualization

        Ø  logstash to process & transport logs

        Ø  Serf for Service orchestration and management tool



        Ø  SVN

        Ø  Git

        Ø  Clearcase

        Ø  Perforce


v Build Management:

             Ø  Ant

             Ø  Maven

             Ø  Makefile

             Ø  Msbuild


v CI :


        Ø  Hudson/Jenkins

v Static Code Analysis :

        Ø  Sonar for Java & .Net

v Binary Repository Manager :

        Ø  Nexus

        Ø  Artifactory

v  Web/Application Server :

        Ø  Tomcat

        Ø  GlassFish

        Ø  Jboss

        Ø  Websphere


v Infrastructure Monitoring :

        Ø  Nagios

        Ø  Mmonit


v Database :

        Ø  Mysql

        Ø  MongoDB


Total Hours for complete Course: 45 to 50 Hours

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