Dell Boomi online training

what is Dell Boomi ? 

Dell Boomi  is  an integration tool   for  cloud based systems and 3rd party tools .The Boomi Atom Sphere approach to integration is configuration based   rather than code based. 

     It mainly involves in three Phases

        Build    : You can build integrations and drag & drop pre built connectors   using complete user friendly visual tool.

        Deploy:  Build integration connectors will be deployed in 3rd party or cloud based stems depends upon client requirement 

         Manage:  Administration of deployed process.

         It Supports a variety of transport methods like HTTP, HTTPS, FTP, SFTP, FTPS, SMTP,    

        ODBC/JDBC and standards based web services like SOAP, REST, and JNDI ect .

what are the Prerequisites to Learn Dell Boomi ? 

Any Graduate with basic IT skills can learn Dell Boomi, Little bit of XML knowledge is preferred, It is similar with other web based tools.

No other training are required we will allow student to practice on real time scenarios.

what is Mode of training: training 
2. class room Dell Boomi training is possible only in Bangalore

 what platforms do I need to have in order to run AtomSphere?

     A) Since Dell Boomi hosts the application, all you need is a computer or an alternative device that

      can run a Web browser. It doesn’t matter what type of hardware or operating system you’re


what is the course duration  for Dell Boomi training : training is available both on CST evening & Morning timings.
2. Dell Boomi training in Bangalore is available during weekends, India morning Hours.
3. Dell Boomi training material, Dell Boomi PPT, Dell Boomi PDFs will be provided.
4. Dell Boomi viedo recording of the class will be provided to the participant.

Dell Boomi course content : 

  • Dell Boomi Basic
    • Course Overview and Expectations
    • Atom Sphere Overview
    • Activity Introduction
    • FTP and Disk Connectors
    • Atom Overview
    • Document Properties
    • Setting Static and Dynamic Parameters
    • XML Profile Design
    • Mapping
    • Boomi Suggest
    • Setting Defaults
    • Using Functions
    • Branching
  • Cloud
    • Salesforce Read Connector
    • Salesforce Query Operation
    • Database Write Connector
    • Database Write Operation
    • Mapping
    • Adding additional Salesforce Fields
    • Creating a User Defined Function
    • Using Decision Steps
    • Mail Connectors
    • Message Step
    • Format output to Email
    • SQL Command
  • Administration
    • Process Backup
    • Process Automation
    • Revision History
    • Atom Management
    • Process Deployment
    • Connection Licensing
    • Process Execution & Reporting Overview
    • Document Handling
    • User Alerts Overview
    • Forced Exception Configuration
    • Custom Error Messaging
    • Configuring Email Alerts
    • Execution Log and Notification Customization
    • User Management Customization
    • Document Tracking & Searching
    • Process Deactivation & Atom Detachment
    • Wrap Up

Please write to or +1 908 366 7933 (USA)   for further details.

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