Cognos Interview Questions & material

1. What is called Cognos Reporting tool?

Ans : Cognos is an IBM reporting tool which is used for reporting and analysis of various data from different datawarehouse.

2. What is Report item?

Ans : Report item is defined as a query item which can be dragged and dropped into a work area.

3. What is set to be Cardinality?

Ans : Cardinality is defined as relationships between the tables. Following are relationship formed between the tables.
  • One to One
  • One to Many
  • Many to Many
  • Many to One
4. What is defined as Data mining?

Ans : Data mining is the process of getting hidden trends from a data ware house.

5. What are all the different types of prompt in Cognos?

Ans : Following are the different types of prompt in Cognos:
  • Value prompt
  • Text Prompt
  • Date prompt
  • Time prompt
  • Date and time prompt
6. What are the components of Report Net?

Ans : Following are the components of Report Net:
  • Framework manager
  • Cognos connection
  • Query Studio 
  • Report Studio
7. What do you mean by Drill Through report?

Ans : Drill through reporting is used to link from one report to another report. It has parent and child relationship between the reports.

8. Mention the difference between ‘macros’ and ‘prompt’?

Ans: Macro is used to run set of instructions to execute the report but prompt provide a way to change the report dynamically.

9. What is a Cube?

Ans: Cube is set to be multi-dimensional view of dimension and measures and it is used to analyze the data in various forms like Slicing and Dicing.

10. What is the size of the cube?

Ans : Size of the cube is 2.0GB and size varies depends on the project.

11. What is a Snapshot?

Ans : A snapshot is created to copy the exact data that is related to current report and compare with another report.

Example: Data of this week compared with previous week

12. What are all the components of Report Studio? 

Ans : Following are the components of Report Studio:
  • Objects panel
  • Properties panel
  • Explorer bar
  • Report Viewer
13. What is a Transformer?

Ans : LTransformer is used for making the Cubes which is for the Multidimensional structure on OLAP processing.

14. What is defined as catalog and types of catalogs in Cognos?

Ans : A catalog is defined as a file which contains information on Database tables and Impromptu users can create reports.Following are the types of catalog used:
  •  Distributed
  • Shared
  • Personal
  • Secured
15. Is it possible to join multiple Databases in a Catalog?

Ans : No, it is not possible to join multiple databases in a catalog and it can be achieved by Hotfile.

16. What is defined as Cognos Impromptu?

Ans : A Cognos Impromptu is set to be a tool which is used for the generation of business intelligence reports.

17. What are query items?

Ans : Query items are the most important object in framework manager and it has a lot of properties associated with it. This is mainly used for reporting and business intelligence.

18. What are all the advantages of Cognos?

Ans : Following are the advantages of Cognos: Planning
  • Analysis
  • Forecasting
  • Scorecard
19. What are all the types of indexes in Cognos?

Ans : Following are the types of Indexes in Cognos:
  • Bitmap index
  • B-tree index
  • Function based index
  • Reverse key and composite index
20. What is Bitmap Index?

Ans : A bitmap index is used for replacement of list of rowids for each key value. This index is mainly efficient for data warehousing as it has low cardinality and low updates.

21. What is a Folder?

Ans : A folder consists of repository objects like sources, targets, transformation and mapping that help to organize data warehouse.

22. What is a Datastore in Cognos?

Ans : A data store is nothing but a query database or a relational database or files that can be accessed through IBM Cognos.
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